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Independent and sovereign, the Principality of Monaco is surrounded by several municipalities of the French department of the Alpes-Maritimes (from west to east, Cap d'Ail, La Turbie, Beausoleil and Roquebrune Cap-Martin).

Expanded from more than 202 hectares, nearly 47 have been earned on the sea over the past 25 years.Monaco lives in the heartbeat of the world: 139 nationalities are represented among the permanent residents, whose number, continues to increase.

The Principality of Monaco, in addition to its magnificent living environment, at the crossroads of major European capitals and its important economic benefits, offers its residents and visitors a secure environment.


The residents of Monaco (excluding French nationality) are exempt from all income and wealth taxes.

In the case of inheritance tax, their level of taxation depends on the degree of relationship between the deceased and the successor:

  • Direct kinship: 0 %
  • Between siblings: 8%
  • Between uncles and nephews: 10%
  • Between persons related collaterally: 13%
  • Between non-relatives: 16%

No direct taxation is levied for Monegasque Companies, apart from income taxes on profits.
Stamp duties are established on all documents intended for civil and judicial acts.
Registration fees are collected during transfers.
The most commonly used rates are:

  • 1% for lease agreement, registration or transfer company’s shares.
  • 6% for the purchase of a property : ( 4, 5% for registration fees + 1,5% for notary costs).